Captivating Words

I love words. They hold so much weight and meaning. After all, God literally used words to create the world and speak life into it.

But words only make a difference if they’re used correctly and leveraged to have the most impact upon a reader. Today, it’s easy to click to the next article, website or e-book. We all want to not just capture attention, but captivate our readers.

My love of words began as a preschooler, begging my grandmother to teach me how to read, and blossomed into a life-long affinity for storytelling of all kinds. We’ve all got a story to tell, I’m here to help you tell it.


Developmental editing

Copy editing


Ghost writing and copywriting


Marketing and promotional pieces
Website content
Academic papers, white papers and theses
News and feature articles
Fiction/non-fiction books and short stories
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