Words of Praise


Carlene is not only a proficient, competent editor/proofreader, she offered invaluable insights into my manuscript. The editing suggestions were all taken on board. One in particular demonstrated not only an expertise in writing and editing, but also a wise head. I took note of this wise counsel and acted upon it.

Carlene is thorough, knowledgeable and professional. Through her work, I was able to better understand the art of writing. I look forward to working with Carlene again.

-Stephen Bentley, author of Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story. Book proofread and edited by Carlene Eck (Sears).


Carlene is the kind of professional you dream about working with! She is very smart, very talented and very personable. She paid close attention to the specific needs of my project and then her work knocked it out of the park! I’ve hired her again and would recommend her to anyone looking for great results from a professional with information, intuition and integrity.

Barry Bradford, former National Teacher of the Year and award-winning educator/speaker. Select barrybradford.com blog posts and web pages edited for grammar, clarity and style by Carlene Sears.


Carlene took my vision for my book regarding bullying, victims, and bystanders to a whole new level. The research she did for my book was beyond what I could have asked for and making sure that everything flowed perfectly.  She was warned up front that English was not my favorite subject and I could not be more pleased with her services and professionalism. I have and will continue to refer Carlene to anyone looking for an editor.

-Barbara Chandler, B.Msc., author

Barbara passed away in early 2019 as she was finishing her self-published non-fiction book about bullying for children and teen readers. Carlene worked with Barbara on her passion project, providing developmental editing, research and final copy editing/proofreading to prepare the book for self-publishing.
Brain Hacks Simply Smart

I so appreciate Carlene!

She did an amazing job of editing my book and doing more than I expected. She is meticulous and incredibly knowledgeable. And she will work with your special needs. I highly recommend her!

-Betsy Smith, author of Simply Smart Brain Hacks and founder of Simply Smart and Get Happy Habits. Book proofread and edited by Carlene. 


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